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Topical Analgesic Patch

This product, containing Chinese herbal ingredients like Frankincense and Myrrh, is self-adhesive and ideal for broader areas of the body like the back, shoulder, thigh, etc. and can be used together with our Herbal Cream or Herbal Spray for increased potency. It can also be cut to size for smaller areas or in strips to wrap around fingers or toes. General-purpose analgesic for treating pain and stiffness from sore muscles and joints.

Patient Sizes (7.5cm x 10cm/piece) – These products come attractively packaged five pieces per foil bag and 50 bags per box.


PT-103B This patch is brown in color and contains Chinese herbs that are, in Chinese herbology, "balanced" between hot and cool. They are good all-around patches for most indications.

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